I’m a multi-discipline digital designer and marketer with a passion for designing modern websites and apps. I design for optimal conversion rates and usability with user-centered design practices. Previously I managed a lead generation marketing program at Dun & Bradstreet. I also designed and built websites for small businesses through my former company Thermo Studios. I’ve worked in the technology industry in Austin, TX for over 15 years. I’m currently working as a consultant out of Capitol Factory, and I’m interested in new projects or team opportunities.
I help people bring their businesses online and take established businesses to the next level with web design and digital marketing. I can work directly with business owners or as part of a design team. I’m currently available for small projects or a full time position.


Notes from Presentation on Interview Hacking

Great presentation by Travis McCutcheon of Leap for Mankind at the Lean User Experience Austin meetup titled Interview Hacking. Lots of good tips and a DIY work flow for interviewing. Here are my notes:

How to Make a Facebook Page with a Single Image Using an Iframe

I recently had to create a Facebook Page for a business. I’ve described the major steps in this article in order to speed things along next time or anyone else who wants to make one. This method uses 1 hosted image file and a Facebook app to display it within an Iframe. You can set […]