How to Make a Facebook Page with a Single Image Using an Iframe

I recently had to create a Facebook Page for a business. I’ve described the major steps in this article in order to speed things along next time or anyone else who wants to make one.

This method uses 1 hosted image file and a Facebook app to display it within an Iframe. You can set the image to display by default when the visitor goes to the Facebook Page.

This method will allow you to display 2 different images, one for public visitors (non fans) and another for fans who have already “Liked” your page. For example you can tell people to “Like” your page on the public image and then they will be able to see a different image or content.

Create an Image and Host It
Create a graphic with with all your imagery and text. Save it as a JPEG, GIF or PNG. Host it somewhere on the web, preferably on the company’s domain. You can also host it at a free image hosting site like Flickr. The image should be 520 pixels wide. 

Get Access to Facebook Page (or create one)
In my example the client already had a Facebook Page. They gave me access to modify it by inviting my personal Facebook account to be an administrator of their page. Once they’ve given you access and you’re logged into Facebook, click the small discloser triangle in the top right corner and click the page that you would like to use Facebook as.

Install the Facebook Page App
Once you’re on the Facebook Page, install the Static HTML iFrames Tab application.

  1. In the top right click the Edit Page button.
  2. In the main search bar at the top search for “Static HTML iframe”.
  3. “Stadic HTML: iframes tab” app should appear. It has a star logo.
  4. Click “add to my page”, click “Continue as …” and choose the page.

Insert HTML

  1. Click the new button in left column. It says “Welcome”  and has a star icon.
  2. Enter your Iframe HTML into the boxes and click Save.
  3. Here’s the HTML I used:
    <iframe src=”URLHERE” width=”550″  height=”620″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

Set Default Page

  1. From your Wall click the Edit Page button then Manage Permissions
  2. Set Default Landing Tap to Welcome

Here’s a video showing the above method

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