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This article quickly summarize the importance of website speed, how to measure it and how to improve it. It’s intended for a website owner novice understand only the most important and impactful information.

Site Speed Affects Metrics Like

  • Bounce Rate
  • Search Ranking
  • Conversion
  • Page Views
  • Reader Satisfaction
  • Revenue Generation

What is fast?

“Findings show 50% of users expect a webpage to finish loading in 2 seconds or less.”

“You have up to 5 seconds to engage with the visitor or they will most likely leave your site.”

Perceived vs Actual Load Time

Perceived Load Time/Visually Complete is when the web finishes loading HTML, CSS, Images.

Free and Easy Tool to Test Webpage Speed

Use this tool to see your website load speed. It measures specific pages so start with your homepage and then any other popular pages.

Webpage Test Results Example

  • Load Time – The amount of time it takes to fully load all page content.
  • First Bite – The time it takes the server to respond and start sending to the computer browser.
  • Render Start – Also know as Perceived Load Time. The page is no longer white and there is a visual change on the screen to grab the user’s attention.

Easiest ways to improve site speed:

  • Make all images under 200k before uploading.
  • Or use WP Smush WordPress plugin so WordPress will compress you images automatically upon upload.
  • Don’t use too many images per page.

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