Homepage Elements of SaaS Websites

I was hired to design a homepage of a SaaS (software as a service) website, so I examined 10 of the more popular sites that came to mind. In this research exercise I screen grabbed 10 websites, uploaded them to my Flickr account, drew a note box around each element and defined it.

Below is the list of website element definitions in 3 categories of how often they occurred.

This exercise seems a bit tedious while doing it but in retrospect is worth it. It really forces you to take your time to examine each site closely and see the patterns emerge.

See the collection of screengrabs with notes on Flickr

Click the link above and rollover the images to see the defined areas.

List of Elements on SAAS Websites


  • logo
  • main navigation
  • product overview statement
  • call to action
  • login
  • signup for a new account


  • hero image
  • benefit statement
  • offer
  • key selling points
  • application features
  • product tour
  • product video tour
  • how product works
  • testimonial
  • fresh content
  • feature panel navigation


  • price
  • reputation building
  • tagline
  • security (eliminating fear)
  • demo
  • news
  • blog
  • twitter
  • utility links
  • user base info
  • new features
  • featured customer
  • extra resources

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