Great Furniture on the Cheap – How I built a Workstation From a Door and File Cabinets

Here’s how I built my computer workstation with a few simple elements. It’s big, comfortable, easy to get to equipment and came out looking pretty sharp.

Favorite Books in Web Design and Development

Here are my top picks of books that have influenced my web design career and that I would highly recommend to anyone in the field.

Favorite Web Apps For My Web Design Business

Here’s my list of web tools, apps and services I use and recommend.

Homepage Elements of SaaS Websites

I was hired to design a homepage of a SaaS (software as a service) website, so I examined 10 of the more popular sites that came to mind. In this research exercise I screen grabbed 10 websites, uploaded them to my Flickr account, drew a note box around each element and defined it.

Tools and Services for Gaining Inbound Links

While doing some research on methods to obtain inbound links, here are some key takeaways from my notes.

WordPress Themes for Real Estate Agents

I’ve been building websites since the dot come bubble. I’ve also been designing websites for the real estate industry fore a few years now. After seeing success rates of many website tools out there I can say WordPress has been a life saver for me and my clients. Using WordPress for real estate clients is …

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Search Engine Rank Checking Programs

Research findings from needing to automatically check the rank of several websites. There are many SEO tools that do several SEO related tasks. I needed a program that would check several site’s ranking on specific keywords automatically. I could not find an app that just checked rankings. I found several programs that had a ranking …

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Book Review: Webdesign for ROI

Web Design for ROI is an excellent book for reviewing all those website elements that help convince the user to click on the call to action button. As I read the book I’m creating my own checklist of website elements that should be considered for every website. Below is my list, I reccoment reading the …

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SXSW Interactive 2008 Takeaways

Here are some raw notes from the conference this year. Trends and future trends * Communication between countries – Global corporation and partnerships are growing and language barriers are a common problem that need to be solved. * Online Reputation Management * More video * Social Media Optimization * Cross channel delivery methods / widgets …

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