Dun & Bradstreet Chat Lead Program

In my previous position at Dun & Bradstreet / Hoover’s, I managed a live chat lead generation program for new sales. It was a business critical program which delivered the highest average sale price and highest conversion rate of all lead channels. I operated it on 2 high traffic sites (dnb.com/10k, and hoovers.com/100k visitors a day) which attributed $10 million in new sales a year.

I designed and analyzed a lead funnel report measuring the users’ flow and drop-off points in efforts to increase engagement for our highest valued users.

I conducted dozens of AB tests on the chat invites in order to improve the conversion rate. I studied visitor behavior and chat transcripts in order to make changes on the invite that would entice and speak more directly to the visitors’ goals. Tests where run to statistical significance and I shared findings with the rest of the digital marketing and web properties team.

Below is a link to a PDF that provides visual examples of the program and it’s elements.
View or Download Program Overview PDF

Below are the pages of the document.

Chat-Program-Overview-p1 Chat-Program-Overview-p2 Chat-Program-Overview-p3 Chat-Program-Overview-p4 Chat-Program-Overview-p5 Chat-Program-Overview-p6 Chat-Program-Overview-p7

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