My Mobile Workstation

I spend a lot of time moving back and forth between Austin, Texas and Tamarindo, Costa Rica. I make the trip at least 4 times and year and spend half the year in each city. As a full time web designer I need more than just a laptop to work on. I need a full 27″ monitor, separate keyboard and mouse, and external hard drives.

I’ve been fine tuning my mobile workstation over the years to become easier to carry with me as I travel. The point was to have as few pieces as possible, as light as possible and still be a full studio desktop workstation. I think I’ve got the perfect combination now, so here’s my current rig.

My mobile workstation fully assembled
All the separate parts of my mobile workstation.

Keep in mind these components are several years old now. The workstation performance is still very fast and these pieces of gear are about half of the cost of the latest models.

What’s In My Mobile Workstation Rig

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